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Artist Burnout: Habits to Avoid Creative Block

Every artist experiences creative block. The best way to avoid or combat block is by practicing these art tips and artist habits. Artist block can be destructive and difficult to overcome if creative hygiene isn't practiced. These tips improve creative output, increase inspiration, and help avoid creative block.

Being an artist implies more than just the craft of producing works of art. It also means being an entrepreneur, a marketer, a finance manager, an administrator, and a social media network. All the while, you are expected to get better at your craft and connect with the local community. Many artist battle with consistent income and are forced into carry a day job to pay for the cost of living. Often, this leads to burnout in emerging artist and experienced alike.

With the ever changing art market, there is no set path towards an art career. Every artist has to make their own way and the task can be daunting. With other careers, there is often a set list of achievements you check off on your way to becoming a professional in the field. Art is a lot more fluid in how one can establish a career. This is empowering, but also leaves a lot of room for error. Social media demands constant attention and it takes constant pivoting of a marketing strategy to try to stay relevant among millions of other artist.

How does one stand out in a crowd?

How does one stay authentic under the pressure?

How does an artist combat burnout?

The answer to all these questions is more simple than may be expected. The best way to continue your craft without creative block is to never stop falling in love with the process. The process includes ups and downs and by accepting this, it becomes easier to take adversity in stride. Even if you realize this and aren't making time for play in your art, it won't be fun anymore and the spark will dissipate. At first, play can be forced but, like any habit, it can be developed. By making time for exploration and fun, you leave space for inspiration to be fostered.

Another way to avoid or confront burnout is by being aware of the fears that are holding you back. Many artists are not aware of the internal fears they have grown over the years. Usually, they are kept tightly locked up. Once these fears are realized, one can unlock them and will no longer be constrained by their weight. A great way to access these internalized fears is by journaling.

The reason these creative habits for artist block are important to work into the artist process is because it gives something to fall back on when it is more difficult to create. Habit can take the guessing work out while adding structure to a fluid process. These artist hacks take repetition and consistency to serve one through times of inspiration. The best defense is prevention. So, by checking in, it becomes easier to improve creative output, increase inspiration, and help avoid or confront creative block.


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