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Hi, I'm Rue

I am an artist, musician

and graphic designer.

Graphic Design

Social Media Management

Web Developement

About Me.

My first introduction to the art world was through the Theatre. There, I learned about performance, painting (through set design), dance, and sound (through directing the tech crew). Now, I live in Minneapolis and I continue to grow in skill and perspective by practicing these arts and connecting with the community here. I still paint, create, and illustrate frequently. I produce music, perform, and compete in freestyle dance competitions. 

I am ever curious and strive to learn about myself and the world through expression.

As an art connoisseur and creative, my environment and experience inspires much of my art. I believe inspiration is all around. My work centers around the powerful and evocative theme of nostalgia. I am drawn to the memories and emotions of the past, particularly those of the people, places, and experiences that define our sense of self and community.

Through my art, I aim to capture the warmth and beauty of these memories, while also exploring the complex and often bittersweet nature of nostalgia. I use a range of techniques and mediums, from ink and acrylic paint to digital illustration, to bring these memories to life in vivid detail. Whether through the bold strokes of a brush or the intricate details of a digital drawing, I hope to create art that resonates with people on a deep and meaningful level, bringing joy, comfort, and inspiration to all who experience it.



Art Attack 

Northrup King Building

Rue participated in the Minneapolis' "Art Attack" art crawl. 


Web Developer & Graphic Designer

My BBQ Academy


2D Con Art Alley

Otherworldly Arts Collective

Rue participated in the "Button Mashers" art show. This show traveled and was also featured in Minneapolis' 2D Con.

Rue is the lead web designer for a local seasoning company where she maintains the website and the social media integration. She also is responsible for product and marketing designs.


Branding Developer & Graphic Designer
Excel Engineering, Inc.

Rue is the lead on the marketing team for Excel Engineering where she collaborates and creates content to maintain the online presence of the company along with maintaining the website. 


PARADOX Art Gallery

ACME Collective


Button Mashers Art Show

Otherworldly Arts Collective


The Whirl'd Bazaar - Art-A-Whirl
Jackson Flats ArtSpace

Rue will be featured at the "PARADOX" show for a night of music and the arts. This show has been curated with hand-picked artists. 

Rue participated in the "Button Mashers" art show. 

Rue was featured in Minneapolis' 2023 "Art-A-Whirl." It is the largest art crawl event in the United States.


Pancake & Booze Art Show 
Kirklin Productions Inc. 


Safe-Word Art Show

Otherworldly Arts Collective


Student Art Show 
East Central HS

Rue was featured twice in the 2023 "Pancake & Booze Art Show" held in Minneapolis. 

Rue was featured in the 2023 "Safe-Word Art Show" hosted by The Outer Worldly Collective. 

Rue was featured in the 2017, 2018, and 2019 student exhibition at East Central HS. 

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